Sunday, July 31, 2011


When Chris and I first heard that there was a C-Town in Amman, we resolved to visit it.

For those of you from outside the NYC area, C-Town is known as a contender for the title of worst supermarket in New York City, together with Western Beef (I won't dignify Gristedes by including it in this ranking).

It seemed that C-Town not only existed in Amman, but that it had a decent reputation to boot (it actually appeared on MAPS, for goodness sakes, and was the anchor of what was supposedly a small shopping center, the "C-Town CENTER" (emphasis added)).

During Chris' final week in town, we finally made it over there - one was located a few minutes away from Amideast.

It turns out that the inside was...surprisingly decent, but not overwhelmingly surprising.  It looked like a blase grocery store - the supermarket section was somewhat cramped, although we did admire the canned cold cuts and the Arabic version of Spam/luncheon meat (beef, of course).  True to form, the selection was not nearly as good as that in Safeway.  On the second floor, C-Town sold clothing (all from one brand - "CJC"), some housewares, small appliances, and school supplies - Chris picked up a pin with a picture of King Abdullah.

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