Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas in New York - Part I - Gingerbread at Le Parker Meridien

Here is the first part of my photos from my annual NYC Christmas shop window viewing expedition.  However, this post doesn't contain photos from shop windows, rather, from a exhibition of gingerbread houses and other creations at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Midtown West.  The hotel asked several restaurants and artists to get creative with gingerbread - here are some of the results.

Gingerbread typewriter.  
Of note were the scattered words in the display - "NY", "FUN", "USA", and of course, "OWS".

Side view

This display is of a gingerbread Le Parker Meridien hotel.
They did a good job of showing the division of space in the lobby between front desk area, and lobby bar/lounge.  There was even a miniature Burger Joint.

Hotel rooms (which exist) and top floor spa/pool (which, AFAIK, don't).

I don't remember what this was supposed to be.

Chocolate pond and pretzel railings along the path.

Tick, tock, just a clock.

Supposed to be a haunted house, or something?  In any case, I liked the detail.

View from above.

Here's a display playing off of Occupy Wall Street.

99% Dark Chocolate - cute.

This was by far the best part of the exhibit, IMHO.  Rudolph lives!

I liked the M&M roof shingles - red and green, of course.

Doublemint gum roof shingles!